Zones are the very basis of building a city in Simburbia, built on Plots. Zones require a Build Token to place, and they all cost Money to maintain, but they give you Income. Zones are crucial to the city and if you don't build any zones, you have no city. To see the demand for zones, look at the RCI Meter. Zones also have Land Values that can range from -4 to +4, depending on the surrounding area.

Main Zones


Residential zones are the zones where your Residents live. Residential plots bring in more citizens to live and Income for your city. They raise Land Value all around them and benefit from Commercial zones and Parks help, too.


Commercial zones are where your Residents work, but mostly shop. These benefit from Residential zones and are the most interactive out of all the zones.


Industrial zones are where your citizens work in the city. These provide lots of Pollution so make sure you have Parks in your city to lower the amount. These also lower land values all around them except for Power Plants, which they benefit from. Also, parks don't have land value so they remain unaffected by Industrial Plots.


Power Plant

Power Plants provide power to your city. Without them, you cannot build Plots and Zones. These provide a boost to land value in Industrial but everything else causes it to drop, so building these next to Residential or Commercial isn't recommended.


Parks provide recreation for your citizens and raise land values all around them. They also lower pollution caused by Industrial, so parks are necessary in any good city.


Main article: Abandonment

Abandonment can occur when a zone's land values are too low and thus, it gets abandoned. It can also occur when Power is taken away from it, and if a disaster occurs on that plot. Abandoned buildings bring down land value all around it.


Bulldozing a zone results in the zone being taken away. When the zone is bulldozed, the land value shifts accordingly to the plots around it, so for example: if you bulldoze a +3 residential zone the surrounding zones will go from +2 to +1, accordingly.

Great Works Projects

NOTE: Do NOT get Great Works Projects and Zones confused, as Great Works Projects are NOT zones.