Powered Plots

The red dots are powered Plot Indicators.

Plots are the spaces in the City Area where you build your Zones in Simburbia. It is important that you lay out what you're building where before you build it because zones built on adjacent plots can affect their Land Value, positively or negatively.

Plot IndicatorEdit

The Plot Indicator is always on the bottom right-hand side of the plot, shown on the Town Map. The Plot Indicator shows whether a plot is powered, unpowered, or was powered and now unpowered. The Plot Indicator consists of the Plot Modification Selector, the Zone Selection, and the redstone lamp and block that shows if there's power.

Plot Modification SelectorEdit

The Plot Modification Selector is a dispenser on the left side of the Plot Indicator. Place your Bulldoze Token in there to bulldoze the plot.

Zone SelectionEdit

The Zone Selection is a dispenser on the right side of the Plot Indicator. Place your Build Tokens in here to build the Zone that matches the Build Token.

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